Ice Season is Here!!!

Too many climbers spend the winter lamenting the cold weather and sitting inside dreaming of warm days on the rock. Instead of waiting around for the warming rays of spring, several Vertical Rock members and staff are headed west to take advantage of this opportunity to exercise the lesser known but equally exciting vertical discipline: Ice climbing!

The VR community will be well represented in Ouray, Colorado from the last week in January through the first week of February to take part in rock climbing’s oft-misunderstood winter cousin. Ouray is home to the world famous Ouray Ice Park; a mile-long canyon of “farmed” ice, where Park workers and volunteers utilize an elaborate sprinkler system set up on the canyon’s edge to spray over 200,000 gallons of water down the cliffs overnight. This makes for fresh, high quality ice in the morning for ideal climbing conditions all winter long!

Check out this article for more information on this incredible ice park and on the world-renowned climbing festival and competition held there every year:

Or better yet, come out and join us for a great time on the ice!