Monday Morning Local Crags: Obed Wild and Scenic River, TN

Monday morning local crags is an ongoing feature that we’ll be posting on Mondays. Mainly we want to make you nostalgic for the weekend and see if any of you climbing fiends have some insider info on specific routes or special spots where you love to go climbing.

This week we’ll be focusing on an incredibly under-the-radar local crag, located on the Obed River in Tennessee. One of the main reasons why this crag goes so unrecognized is because the Obed River is already known for some of the best whitewater rafting in the South.

5.12 at Obed River

The cliffs lie just a few hundred yards from the confluence of the Obed River and Clear Creek. These perfectly south facing cliffs are great in the fall, winter, spring – but too hot in the summer. Dozens of routes never get wet in the rain because of large roofs that cap many of the walls. The most popular area within The Obed is the Tieranny Wall and surrounding climbs, but there are other quality sections spread out along about a mile of bluff going further upstream. There are approximately 50 climbs in the Tieranny and Captains of Industry section, none of which ever get wet in the rain.

Check out more photos and a video of Obed River, TN below.