2017 Hueco Rock Rodeo

Although indoor climbing competitions continue to grow, Hueco Rock Rodeo is one of the oldest outdoor bouldering competitions in the U.S. Held annually in February in El Paso, TX, one of the most attractive things about Hueco Rock Rodeo is that it offers all levels of competition from recreational, intermediate, advanced and open. If you aren’t competing, separate passes are available for spectators that can see some of their favorite climbers in action.

Hueco is split into 4 main sections: North Mountain, East Mountain, East Spur, and West Mountain with most of the areas designated for competition. During this climb-packed weekend, the festivities for the first day begin with recreational climbers. The following day, competitive climbers have the entire day to record their 6 most challenging climbs. Originally Hueco Rock Rodeo was not meant to be a fierce competition but after 24 consecutive years, the event has naturally grown in size and attracts some of the best climbers in the world.

With the combination of climbers of all skill levels, games, events, and other festivities, Hueco Rock Rodeo can be considered as much of a festival as a climbing competition.