Dreamline Becomes Reality

After 20 years, Dreamline, a massive 1,260-foot vertical ice wall in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, was in climbable conditions. And by that, the line was composed of fragile, creamy, spray ice which is not formed by dripping water but by spray from a waterfall which is known to produce less stable ice formations.

Last week, Joe Terravecchia, Will Mayo and Anna Pfaff completed the first ascent. First things first, the group needed a solid belay…once that was established there wasn’t any doubt. Since ’97 Joe Terravecchia and Casey Shaw waited for this line to be in climbable condition. Unexpectedly, Shaw had to return home and Terravecchia then reached out to Mayo and Pfaff for this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity. Check out the first ascent.