Member Spotlight: Stan

Stanley LaFrance has been climbing with Vertical Rock since September 2011.

“I started climbing in September of 2011. What got me into climbing was a hiking trip to Old Rag Mountain with my then 9 year old son Alan. I immediately fell in love while traversing the rock scramble. I wanted to experience more of that but more vertical and with greater difficulty. I started climbing two days later.”

Rock Climbing & the VR Community have been a great way for him to build his climbing experience and make a few friends along the way.

“In addition to discovering and overcoming new challenges, what I love most about rock climbing is the community. I can walk into the gym even after a long absence and always find friends both new and old to climb with.
Climbing has greatly increased my grip and core strength. I have always struggled with a terrible fear of heights. Out of necessity, rock climbing has taught me to cope with that fear which has granted me a substantial increase in self confidence.”

We’re so lucky to know Stanley and we welcome to say “Hi” to him next time you see him at the Gym!

The Vertical Rock community has given me a circle of friends that I previously lacked which is something for which I am incredibly grateful. I always feel like I have arrived at my second home when walking into the gym.
To the new climbers, don’t worry about pushing that grade. Just have fun doing what you enjoy. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to everyone (unless they are belaying) you never know which stranger will be a be a future friend.”