Monday Morning Local Crags: Delaware Water Gap, NJ

Monday morning local crags is an ongoing feature that we’ll be posting on Mondays. Mainly we want to make you nostalgic for the weekend and see if any of you climbing fiends have some insider info on specific routes or special spots where you love to go climbing.

This week we focus on the Delaware Water Gap, which contrary to its name, is actually in New Jersey. Delaware Water Gap is known as the premier rock climbing destination in New Jersey (I know that’s not saying much), but the crags here range between 150 and 300 feet. The formation is primarily composed of quartzite, with bands of shale from a half inch to four inches thick. Most cracks are horizontal, flaring out near the edge.

Adjustable cam climbing is recommended here. The routes here are true multi-pitched climbs and ratings range from 5.1 to 5.12. The area has a strong traditional ethic of being a “ground-up” area, there are no sport routes at the Gap and the use of motorized drills is illegal. Cleaning routes on rappel of loose rocks, dirt, and grass is encouraged.

Do you have any favorite routes or sections of the wall at Delaware Water Gap?



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