Single Mother Takes Baby Rock Climbing

“Some people would say I’m taking more risks than are necessary, but I am very conscious of safety.” Those are the words of Menna Pritchard, a 26 year old single mother from Wales who isn’t discussing the idea of Rock Climbing outdoors without a helmet, but the idea of Rock Climbing with her two-year-old strapped to her back, ironically enough … without a helmet.

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Pritchard, who is an avid adventurer posted the photos to her blog last month and has gained a bevy of negative comments due to the nature of the climbs and the vulnerability of the child. She does however state that she did not feel that the child was ever in any danger and that she, herself only wore a helmet “out of habit.”

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Although she does regret the photo because of “how it looks,” Miss Pritchard still intends on carrying her two-year-old  daughter with her on adventures.

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