Dave Macleod: First Free Climb of the World’s Toughest Sea Cliff

Check out these amazing pictures of St. John’s head, located on the Isle of Hoy, Scotland. This climb is widely regarded as the toughest sea cliff climb in the world. The cliff face is “only” 1,200 feet vertically, but the route that Dave free-climbed extends for a total of 1,600 feet of climbing. Dave Macleod, of Scotland last year became the first person to free climb the grueling route.

He discussed why the climb is so difficult:

“The main difficulty presented by the route is the fact that the hardest climbing is at the very end, after completing the three hour approach to the base of the cliff and then 1,200 feet of difficult and dangerous climbing for 10 hours. Just when your fingers and arms are running out of strength you have to climb a 200 foot section of very sustained overhanging wall with tiny handholds and little protection.” -Dave Macleod

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so on to the pics!

via Mirror