INSANE Rock Climbing Video

Rock Climbing… – This is a video of an incredible trad climb by Joe Möhle. Joe is an amazing rock climbing veteran. He completed the first Trad ascent of this old open project called “The Hole”, in Cape Town. This was an open route for a long time originally bolted by Jono Fisher. Joe initially took the first ascent of it as a sport route and ended up placing gear anyway because he did not trust the old bolts. He then decided to do the whole thing on gear and named the route, “Life Enhancement Program”. This video was filmed by Jono Fisher.

Rock climbing is an exciting sport or recreational activity where adventure seekers ascend up and descend down natural mountain formations and artificial rock walls. This can take place anywhere from someone’s backyard to a national park such as Yosemite. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or route without falling. It is sport that is very demanding both physically and mentally. Reaching the summit is a big test of a rock climber’s mental abilities, strength, agility, balance, control, finesse and endurance. Pulling yourself up a sheer stone cliff takes strength, endurance and control acquired by rigorous daily training and exercises. Placing your hands and feet properly and precisely so that your muscles can do their job takes concentration and finesse.

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Ascending a mountain is a dangerous adventure and good knowledge of the proper rock climbing techniques and equipment is critical. A good amount of specialized equipment is needed to scale a cliff because of the possibility of falling. Gear and equipment may include a harness, holds, ropes, shoes, carabiners, etc. When you’re ascending outdoors on a trad or traditional route, half of the challenge is learning how to use and place your equipment properly.

Techniques are just as important to your safety and success as the gear and equipment. A good climber needs to master movement skills, training, injury prevention, protection, anchors, and rope work. It is best to take classes with a trained professional to learn these skills. Some people also watch instructional videos to sharpen their skills. A few of the specific techniques used to safely ascend a mountain include:

Foot techniques: edging, backstepping, smearing, heel hooking and toe hooking
Hand techniques: crimping, open hand grips, gaston, jug, pinching, side pool, sloper
Movements: crossing, hand-foot match, high stepping, mantle, foot switch, match, bicycle, dyno

The exciting sport of rock climbing has been separated into several different styles because of the wide range of mountain formations. These styles of ascension include aid, free, trad (or traditional), sport, bouldering, free soloing, indoor, ice, scrambling, alpine, deep-water soloing, rope soloing, simul, top roping and via ferrata. Trad is my favorite.

Need more information? Looking to make the leap from hiking or mountaineering? The website below will introduce you to beginner’s basics and help you get started with the sport. It will also help you climb to the next level by teaching different techniques, skills, gear, equipment and safety guidelines through clips, films and videos. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll find an amazing amount of resources here:

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