Land Navigation Course


Vertical Rock Outdoor School (VROS) would like to present our Land Navigation Course! This is an 8 hour course that teaches the ins and outs of map and compass use, as well as how to apply these skills in a variety of outdoor scenarios and activities. Students will also learn the basics of back-country navigation using a variety of techniques, which they will then put into practice out in the woods, coached by the instructor.


What to expect

First-class instruction and plenty of adventure! The course begins with the 3hr classroom portion, which will teach you all about the applications for map and compass work, when and why to use it over GPS, how to read a map, understand contour lines and get the most out of your legend. Then you’ll learn about the different types of compasses, how and when to use each as well as how to accurately shoot a bearing in the field and take one from the map. You’ll learn how to walk a bearing, navigate around obstacles and triangulate your position. Finally we delve into map route selection and how to navigate by terrain association instead of just being a slave to your compass.

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