Learn To Lead Climb, First Wednesday Of The Month @ Vertical Rock

Do you like Rock Climbing? Do you wish you were as awesome as that guy at your rock gym who is clearly just crushing it? Well trust me, we’ve all been there and we’re here to tell you it’s not impossible to become the experienced, and knowledgable climber you strive to be.

The first wednesday of the month offers such goodies as, the first “hump day” of the month, our LEAD CLIMBING CLASS, and as always, it’s Women’s Wednesdays!

That’s right, come out and learn how to lead climb the first Wednesday of every month, and ditch that “Rock Climbing Novice” status, and move on into the wonderful world of LEAD CLIMBING. Don’t you want to be like the girl in the video above? Or the guys in the video below:

Because they’re all totally lead climbing like a BOSS!

Aright, Fine, Tell me about the class!

Learning to lead is the next progression in roped climbing. This is a exciting course for those who are proficient on a top rope and can climb a 5.9 or above without stopping and ‘hanging’ on the rope.

Vertical Rock’s lead class provides in-depth instruction and information on proper safety and techniques required in order to Lead Climb. This class covers how to lead belay, clipping techniques, commands, rope management and falling safely. Please plan accordingly, as this is a 4+ hour course.

Whoa, seems cool. How much does it cost?

  • Members – $ 45.00
  • Non-members – $ 65.00
  • Pre-Registration Required

 What’s Pre-Registration Mean?

Just call us, and let us know you’ll be coming and you’re good.

Phone: (855) 822-5462
Address: 10225 Nokesville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110