Member Spotlight: Linnea

Eva Linnea Jillheden Morres has been climbing with Vertical Rock since 2014.

“It was through an app called Meetup that I found VR. I’ve always wanted to try rock climbing. It didn’t take long for me to become completely hooked on this sport. One of my favorite things about this sport is that nothing is ever the same. You’re always developing you climbing skill and finding new ways to make your way up the wall.”

Rock Climbing & the VR Community have been a great way for her to improve her skills to set and reach climbing goals.

“One thing I really like about climbing is that it’s a very rewarding sport. Each time I choose a route, I make it my goal to finish that climb and when I do it’s such a satisfying feeling that I can’t help to feel the addiction to try it again and again.

We’re so lucky to know Linnea and we welcome you to say “Hi” to her next time you see her at the Gym!

“No matter what level you’re climbing at you’re always gonna be met with a never ending amount of support from fellow climbers at the gym. Weather you’re struggling on a 5.8 or a 5.12 you’re gonna receive the same amount of encouragement from the people around you.
To the new climbers, USE YOUR FEET! :)\”