Soul Climber

I suppose it’s the enduring “why do you climb?” question but I’ve been thinking about the absurdity of climbing lately for some reason.[row]
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Q:  So, you’re going climb to the top of that (pitch, crag, mountain), huh?  
A:  Yes, I must.
Q:  And when you get there, then what?  
A:  Well, I’ll come back down of course.
Q:  Isn’t that dangerous?  
A:  Well yes, I suppose.  Perhaps even life-threatening at times.

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Q:  BUT WHY????
Because I must.  I can no more imagine ignoring a beautiful horizon towering above my head than imagine myself not breathing.  It’s part of who I am, it connects me to the universe around me – and it connects me to you.


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Climbing is Yin & Yang incarnate.  It is simultaneously completely pointless and yet essential.  A purest form of art – an act done exclusively for the sake of the doing – this is Soul Climbing.

As I’ve wandered and pondered lately I’ve come to understand that my soul isn’t completely contained withing the vessel of my presence.  That vessel, in fact, may only contain a very small portion.  The balance seems to reside in the soulful places and acts that make up the trivial span of a lifetime.  It may reside in those things that move us beyond the tangible – the innocence of a childs smile, the vastness of the oceans, a stirring melody, or the beauty and challenge of the mountains in which we play.

Perhaps it’s a good idea for us to find as many of these places and experiences as we can while we’re here?  Perhaps that’s the essence of growth – to find the places where our soul resides?  And, not to gather those pieces but rather to simply know where they are so that we might better understand our connectedness and how vitally important we are to one another and our universe.

Soul climbs are those that move us to connect and grow.

 Written by: Graver, Robert “Soul Climber” 2013