The Webers Are Turning Muir Valley Over To Climbers

webers-u3029Rock Climbers are a VERY interesting group of people. Generosity, camaraderie, and openness are mixed with their raw skills, perseverance and fearlessness. This recipe adds up to build a community that works together to achieve their goals and create an environment that welcomes all and is extremely diverse. We, at Vertical Rock always hope to encompass these qualities and today, we’d like to tell you a story of two climbers that have helped add to the national Rock Climbing community and are looking to turn over a Rock Climbing area to the very people they’ve created it for.. Rock Climbers.

About ten years ago, Rick and Liz Weber purchased a plot of undeveloped land in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky and began plans to turn it into a world-class climbing area that they’d open to all who came with intentions of camping and Rock Climbing. There are no fees, and no costs associated with climbing there, but like any other private rock climbing areas, there is a waiver (shout out to the Vertical Rock waiver). Their generosity and openness of this area has attracted hundreds of thousands of climbers and boasts almost 300 routes.

Now it is time for the Webers to achieve the completion of the dream they had all those years ago when they first purchased this beautiful piece of land, and that is to turn the land over to the Rock Climbing community. Let’s help them do this!

This Sounds Cool, How Can We Help?

Vertical Rock has pledged and you should too! Through Friends of Muir Valley (FOMV), and the Access Fund have created a transition plan with a set of goals that, if accomplished in 2014, will result in the gifting of Muir Valley to the Friends of Muir Valley by March of 2015. The goal is to raise $200,000 this year to cover operating / maintenance expenses, as well as expenses associated with transfer of ownership and stewardship fund for the property.

This couple is a testament to the generosity and passion that Rock Climbers have instilled into them. Let’s give it up to Rick and Liz as they receive no profits from this, only praise and boy do they deserve it. Let’s keep Muir Valley for the climbers of the world and help give what you can!

Climb on,

VR Staff