Mount Everest Claims Lives Of Local Sherpas

Last Friday, Mount Everest experience quite possibly the single worst disaster in it’s history. Currently, the death toll resides at 13, with all of the deaths known to be Sherpas whom were trekking ahead of a climing group in order to clear routes and fix ropes for their patrons. The disaster is currently the largest loss of life in a single event on Everest with 3 people still presumed missing.

The accident brings even more attention to this season’s Everest climbing season with the recent environmental & safety mandates that have been enacted by the government of Nepal in order to clean up the mountain and prevent loss of life on the mountain. With the new climbing season just beginning, this avalanche has forced even the most seasoned climbers to take a second look at their plans to attempt an ascent on the mountain, and has echoed calls for the mountain to even be shut down for a period of time, to allow precautions and changes to take affect.

This, being a fresh climbing season and the avalanche taking such a large loss of life will no doubt have added consequences to the tourism industry in Nepal, a region known for being home to eight of the world’s fourteen highest peaks.

As of the posting of this article, as many as 100 climbers / sherpas were still caught atop of the mountain and had no real way of getting back until a new route could be cleared for them.