‘The World’s Fittest Man’ Is A Rock Climber

Erwan Le Corre doesn’t care for treadmills or pumping iron. Le Corre is built like a track star and can climb a tree as quickly as cat. He is also is adept at carrying logs, tossing rocks, scaling cliffs, slogging through mud pits and wrestling.

In short, Le Corre is a master of his outdoor environment, and he has taught this seemingly bizarre set of skills to thousands of people. Le Corre is the brain behind an alternative fitness program, launched in 2009, that eschews the boring symmetry of weight machines and the vanity of commercial gyms and aims to teach participants the lost art and latent instincts of moving naturally. Called MovNat, Le Corre’s program consists of one-day to week-long outdoor courses around the world. During these camps, Le Corre himself sleeps, eats and plays alongside his students while teaching them the nutrition and the bodily motions that our species utilized in the Paleolithic era and, he says, has since forgotten.

Le Corre’s MovNat is a step above the better known P90X and Crossfit training regimens that incorporate many of the same techniques. Some of these techniques seem crazy to the layman: throwing rocks, climbing trees, pulling logs, swimming in deep water, and yes rock climbing. Le Corre has been called the World’s Fittest Man during his career, so clearly there is a method to his particular kind of madness. Check out the video below to see the man in action, and yes there is video of him rock climbing.