“Which tower would you like to climb today?”

What do you think goes through one’s mind as they drive through the dessert for days, seeking a tower to pioneer it’s first ascent. The feeling of  being the first person on the top of a tower has got to be an invigorating feeling (no, i wouldn’t know, because i’m a better blogger than climber) that burns quite an impression in the brain.

In Towers of the Ennedi, veteran climber Mark Synnott—known more for his far-flung adventures than his technical accomplishments—brings young climbing stars Alex Honnold and James Pearson to the Ennedi to explore its untouched landscapes. Together, Synnott, Honnold and Pearson endure a long, bumpy drive across the sand flats of a godforsaken country to reach an incredible destination: gardens of towers filled with graceful fingers of rock, bottle-shaped formations and lithe arches. With its stark and poetic footage of camels and rock, as well as jarring images of unpleasant travels, this film shows that sometimes you can have just as many adventures trying to reach your destination as you can have once you get there.

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