Wine Specifically Packaged For Climbers? Oh Yes, This Exists

Climbers always face this issue. How to bring delicious wine in to your climbing spot/camping destination without adding a silly amount of additional weight. Well, that problem is now solved with “The Climber Pouch.” Vinted and “bottled” by Cliff Family Winery, it’s a durable bag made of BPA-free plastic, with a layer of food grade polyethylene and PET.

Each pouch holds the equivalent of two 750-mL bottles of wine, and has a spigot that keeps oxygen out—it supposedly can keep after you’ve opened it for up to a month. Plus, it’s lighter to carry and has 80% lower carbon footprint than two glass bottles.

The wine currently comes in two vintages, Chardonnary and Cabernet Sauvignon, both selling for $17 a piece (for a 1.5 L pouch). So go check it out, assuming you’re over 21 of course.