Home Rock Climbing Wall Of the Future

When climbers decide to build their own home climbing wall, it’s a true sign of dedication to the sport. Building a personal climbing area is most importantly awesome, but it’s also expensive, time-consuming and requires at least a modicum of technical woodworking skills.

NOVA is a personal climbing wall that challenges the design expression of exercise equipment.

From a functional object, it transforms from workout tool to ambient lighting and sculpture, showing off the user’s passion for their lifestyle through outstanding aesthetics. And clever integration of interactive projections creates an immersive training experience.

To be fair, home climbing walls as they exist today may not look right in most homes, but unless you’re living in some kind of modern-architectural palace, chances are these panels are going to look equally out-of-place. So take this new development with a grain of salt and see it as a shining beacon for the promise of the future, when every man woman and child will have their own rock climbing wall.