Krav Maga Academy A Success!

Thirty-Five of your neighbors participated in Krav Maga Seminars on May 17 and 18! (Click to see pictures). During these “sold out” seminars, participants learned basic techniques and strategies to protect themselves – using Krav Maga military combat techniques, calisthenics and realistic situational drills.

Come train with us! We have designed a two-stage program to rapidly build your capabilities and fitness:

  • Stage 1: Krav Maga Fundamentals (3 spots left)
      • Dates: May 31-July 19; 1-2:30pm; 7 weeks
      • Description: 7 week course (Krav techniques, principles, weapons defenses, situational drills and military style calisthenics)
      • Cost: $110.00; 20% discount for Vertical Rock Members
      • Included: Unlimited Yoga, Rock Ready (cross-fit like workout), and access to our Cardio/Fitness Training Room 
  • Stage 2: Full Membership Krav Maga Academy (6 discounted memberships left)
      • Begins August 1; 6+ classes per week
      • Description: Krav Maga Classes (e.g., combatives, self-defense, grappling, ground)
      • Cost: $110.00 per month; 6 month commitment; 20% discount for existing Vertical Rock Members and Krav Maga Fundamentals Participants
      • Registration Fee $99.00: Fee waived for the first 12 members
      • Included: Unlimited Yoga, Rock Ready and access to our Cardio/Fitness Training Room 

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Chris Torres leads the Krav Maga Academy (KMA). Torres has instructed and certified many of the leading senior Krav instructors in the DC Metropolitan Area and holds recent competitive titles including World Amateur Mixed Martial Art Champion (2011), North American Amateur Champion and World No-Gi Jui Jitsu Champion.

The superior quality of our instructors, 24,000 sq ft. facility, outdoor training facilities and specialized fitness classes (e.g., Climbing, Functional Movement, Seal Training, Yoga, Rock-Ready and Expeditionary Outdoor School) strongly distinguishes KMA from other gyms and martial arts programs.

If you have any questions, please call us at: 1-855-822-5462. We look forward to you training with us!