Woman’s Fundamentals of Movement Class

Date: August 22, 2012
Time: 6-8pm

Do you ever hear your climbing friends yell from the bottom of the climb to “Layback” or “drop knee”?

Or possibly “stem between thosetwo holds” and are confused as to what they are talking about?

Well this class will be your doorway to understanding the odd language of climbing beta. This class is an introduction to climbing movement that will focus on the specifics of the movement that woman climbers use when moving from one hold to the next. In general, women climb with more focus on their feet because as women we don’t often have the ability to do pull-ups all the way up a climb.

This class will help climbers identify the difference between holds and how to use them, as well as incorporating foot work techniques to enhance how the hand holds are used. The class will only be held on the bouldering wall, which will make it easier to show, identify, and use new techniques.

Come discover what language your friends are speaking!