So tonight from 6:30 til 8:00pm is our functional movement class! We will be reviewing techniques and climbing procedures to help you scale any mountain, anywhere, and providing some insight into the world of Rock Climbing!

This week, we’re asking you guys to choose the music we use for functional movement. Leave a comment with your favorite tunes and we’ll add it to our VR mix at the gym!

Introduction to Functional Movement

Members- $ 35.

Non-members – $ 60.

Requirements – Top-rope certification

Do you know your basics and want to start improving your climbing technique? This class will help! Our instructors will teach you how to climb smoothly and efficiently. This class covers the types of holds, and how to read and use them. You will learn how to have better wall contact and understand connecting moves within a route during an introduction to body mechanics that emphasizes balance and good footwork as well as turning on the wall.

Class Schedule: Scheduled on demand & Mondays – 6:30pm-8:00pm

Pre-registration is required.Please call (855-VA-CLIMB)