10 Year Old Climbs Longs Peak! What Did You Do Today?

Standing 4 ft tall, ten year old Stella Noble has taken on one of North America’s toughest and most dangerous ascents by conquering Long Peaks (aka The Diamond) in the Rocky Mountains.

‘Stella thought it was cool. You can see everything, including Denver, which is a long, long way away.

Her trip to the summit (14,259) took more than 11 hours to travel up and down the mountain. She’s done better than a lot of adult climbers, and showed no fear as she went up the mountain.

Stella took first place price at the Sport climbing Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia this past July.

Of the climb up the Rockies she said, ‘I love to climb so I thought it would be cool.’

She will no doubt continue to make climbing news as she grows.