Bad Wolf Brewing Company

This weekend, we’ll be hosting our Annual Halloween Party. Joining us will be the folks from Bad Wolf Brewing Company! In preparation for the event, we decided to ask the Owners, Jeremy & Sarah Meyers a little about their brewery and how they become brewers in the great city of Manassas.

Q: How long have you guys been around?
A: We’ve been around since June 19th of this year.


Q: How long have you been in Manassas?
A: Sarah since she was about 2- 3 years old, Jeremy since about 5-6 years old, so basically all of our lives.


Q: How did you guys get started?
A: We had wanted to start a business for a little while. Jeremy has been brewing since he was about 17 years old. Jeremy had taken a few trips to Germany and really enjoyed the process of making good beer. We had a business plan ready from an  entrepreneurship seminar and the timing seemed about right. We knew we didn’t want a restaurant, just a brewery, and as we said; The time was just right.


Q: How long have you guys been members at Vertical Rock?
A: We’ve been members of Vertical Rock since pre-sales were available. Once we saw they were opening, we knew it’d be more convenient than [other] gyms.


Q: Were you climbers before Vertical Rock?
A: We were avid climbers, yes. We’ve always enjoyed many of the outdoor locations to climb in the area. To name a few: Franklin Gorge, Tony Man, Brick Wall, Talking Head & Red Rock Canyons out in Vegas.

We’re so proud to welcome Bad Wolf Brewery to this event and we hope you grab a pint or a “Growler To Go” while visiting our event this weekend. Make sure to say “Hello” to Jeremy & Sarah, and tell them how much you’ve enjoyed their wonderful beer (if you’re 21 & Over of course).