Being fit doesn’t mean having to spend hours in the Gym, here’s how…

Everyone knows that we should all have a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, the balanced diet can sometimes come easier than the exercise as you don’t need to make as much effort to change this. It is also hard to get inspired to go and exercise, however, there are different ways to exercise that don’t involve going to the gym or running in the park.

When trying to improve your health and fitness a lot of the exercise suggested tends to focus on aerobic exercise, which is perfectly fine, however that’s not the only way to get fit. Participating is more strength related fitness regimes are a great way to develop your fitness in another way.

Rock climbing may seem like a masculine activity but it is great for both men and women. Rock climbing can help improve your muscle strength, flexibility as well as co-ordination. Unlike going to the gym and spending 30 minutes on the running machine, not really thinking about what you’re doing, spending time rock climbing makes you think on your feet and also helps develop your concentration as you have to make decisions on your feet.

Not only does rock climbing improve your fitness but it helps give you a sense of achievement once you’ve finished a session, reaching the top of the wall or completing the exercise safely can help boost your confidence and improve morale.

However, if you’re looking to escape the gym but think rock climbing might be a bit too intense for you, then Yoga could be something you try instead. Yoga not only aids the improvement of your mood but can also help to control glucose levels and lower cholesterol levels.

Yoga is a great way to help control your breathing as well, giving you a pattern to follow which can be useful in stressful situations to help calm yourself down and not get too agitated.

Overall having a healthy lifestyle is down to you and you knowing what your body is capable of doing, however you shouldn’t ever be afraid to try something new and experiment with exercise as you could discover a new hobby which could turn into a lifestyle change!