The Fields – A Film About Bouldering

The Boulderfields, also known as “The Fields” is a bouldering area located in south Kelowna, BC, Canada. “The Fields,” is also shares it’s name with a short documentary film that follows the story of local climber, Andy White.

Although the area has been known as a sport rock climbing area for quite some time, it’s only been in the last few years that people have been discovering the amazing bouldering the area has to offer. In that time hundreds of problems have been established, ranging from easy V0 lines, to hard double digit lines.

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For more info on bouldering in the Okanagan Valley, please visit Andy’s blog at


A Film by Clayton Arnall

Andy White
Jason Duris
Staci White


Ryan Heywood
Bennett Heywood
Nikita Taylor
Stephen O’Laughlin


First two songs by Clayton Arnall made for the film.
Third Song: Beattles “Come Together” Hip Hop Remix by Clayton Arnall


Camera: Black Magic Cinema Camera