Yup, You Can Climb These

These are the famous karst mountains of the Guangxi province in Southern China. For years, there has been a small tourist scene, but mainly this is a little known climbing area in pastoral China.

Geologists call these stone formations “tower karst.” They appeared around 40 million years ago, when tropical rains progressively dissolved the limestone leaving these giant rock formations.

While package tourists and backpackers have been coming to the area for many years, western climbers were relatively slow making the trek over here. American climber Todd Skinner, who died in a Yosemite Park climbing accident a few years ago, created the first climbing route on Moon Mountain in the early 1990s, when the sport was virtually unknown in China.

There are now over 400 individual climbing routes in this region. and as you can see from these pictures it’s not hard to understand why.

Now if it weren’t for that pesky visa and 20 hour plane ride …

Abond climbing in Yangshuo, China from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.