Sierra Trading Post Recalls Joss Rock Climbing Cam for Fall Hazards

FYI climbers the Joss Rocking Climbing Cam has been voluntarily recalled by Sierra Trading Post, after reports came out and tests were conducted that showed that the cams would unexpectedly fail after being set. Here is a quote from Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report on the Joss Cam, which describes the nature of the problem in more detail.

[blockquote]The Joss Cam is a mechanical device placed in the crack of a rock to support a climber’s weight. The Cam is operated by a trigger that retracts the aluminum lobes, allowing the device to be placed and secured in the crack of a rock. A cable is attached to the device with a heavy duty nylon sling attached to the end of the cable. Joss Cams come in eight sizes and each Cam is marked with the size (.5 to 4). The sling on the end features solid horizontal blocks of color (yellow, orange, purple, red, green and blue) indicating size. [/blockquote]

Obviously any time something like this is recalled it’s good to know the CPSC caught it before there were widespread accidents. It also reminds you that safety is such a huge part of making sure climbing is always fun and exhilarating for the right reasons.