The UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Tour 2014

In case you didn’t know, there’s a governing body to being a certifiable BAD ASS. The UIAA is the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation and they would be the ones that stamp your BAD ASS card to give you street cred in the art of Ice climbing, and general mountain skills.

There website states their goals as follows:

  • Lobbying for the opportunity for everyone to responsibly access the world’s special and beautiful mountain environment.
  • Giving young people the opportunity to overcome differences and form friendships across borders and cultures – building a peaceful and better world through sports.
  • Preserving mountain environments for the good of all by supporting local communities to achieve sustainable development and respect nature.
  • Providing reliable safety standards for climbing equipment and advice on medical issues related to mountaineering.
  • Organising competitions in ice climbing with the ultimate aim of competing in the Winter Olympic Games. We fight doping.

Founded in 1932, it’s a predominantly European organization but are slowly creeping their way across the Atlantic ocean to the shores of North, Central  & South America. The UIAA is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the international federation for mountaineering.

Anywho, so they’re having a World Cup Tour for Ice Climbing, and we’ll prob be posting the videos along the way, because, well, they’re BAD ASS.