Come Do Yoga With Bridget This Thursday!

We are very excited to announce that we have a guest Yoga Instructor, Bridget Lusky, for this Thursday 12/1/2014 from 6pm-7pm! Yoga is always Free for members, Non members is just a day pass…
BridgetA northern Virginia native, Bridget discovered yoga 12 years ago and has been passionate about her practice ever since. In pursuit of bringing yoga to everybody, she has attended special trainings in kids yoga, prenatal yoga, Johnny Kest’s Vinyasa Power yoga, and yoga for children with special needs.

Bridget believes in the value of finding peace and balance through your yoga practice by challenging your body and clearing your mind. She sees her yoga practice as an essential part of her life. Her wish is to encourage everyone to begin their practice and open themselves up to the possibility of change in their lives.

Bridget brings humor, support and a non-judgmental attitude to her class to let students know that a yoga practice is a fun and a valuable experience. She has taught in a variety of settings and she maintains a daily personal yoga practice, in studio and at home.

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