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Member Spotlight: Cindy

How long have you been climbing? I’ve been rock climbing for almost 2 years, but I didn’t start until I was 45! How did you get into climbing? I started climbing on rails while taking adult parkour classes. Unfortunately, parkour exacerbated an old injury, and I ended up needing my right knee replaced. A friend […]

Member Spotlight: James Martin

I started climbing when I was in Boy Scouts but didn’t climb again until Vertical Rock opened 4 years ago. I use climbing as a social group, attending as a member of the MeetUp Community. I thought it would be fun group activity and also a good way to exercise that isn’t the typical ‘gym’ […]

Does your insurance cover your active lifestyle?

Does your insurance premium cover your active lifestyle? Adventure sports such as cycling, bungee jumping, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, or whitewater rafting, and contact sports such as rugby, soccer, wrestling, fencing, or ice hockey are considered a high risk by insurance providers. [mk_button dimension="flat" size="large" icon_anim="vertical" url="" target="_blank" align="center" fullwidth="true" animation="fade-in"]READ MORE[/mk_button] [...]

Member Spotlight: Joe

Name: Joe Hammerbacher How long have you been climbing? It’ll be 5 years on 2016-04-16 How did you get into climbing? A co-worker introduced me to it. My first experience was top-roping at Great Falls. I climbed exactly 1.5 5.8’s before I couldn’t even make a fist any more. I was instantly hooked. What do […]

Member Spotlight: #TeamLanders

Name: Chris (38), Christopher (9) and Lydia (8) How long have you been climbing? We started climbing as a family about one year ago. How did you get into climbing? I was looking for something that I could do with the kids that would get us out of the house (and eventually outside on rock) […]