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What is the minimum age to climb?

Any and all ages are welcomed. Bring your child in and have them try an Open Climb.

What Should I Wear?

Tennis Shoes and workout clothes are the best option.  We do not suggest wearing shorts as the harness is more comfortable if you wear pants.

Are rental shoes required?

No. You are welcome to wear your own tennis shoes, but we do recommend renting climbing shoes. Climbing shoes will allow for you to stick on the wall much easier and provide you with a much better climbing experience.

How long do open climbs last?

This depends on the climber, each Open climb is tailored to an individuals skill level, we’ll work with you and challenge you.

Do I need my own Climbing equipment?

No.  VR offers rental harnesses and rental shoes

How do I know if my class or youth program is canceled?

If Prince William County Schools are closed due to Inclement Weather or a Holiday, VR Youth Teams will be canceled.  Payments will be pushed forward to accommodate for the missing day.

Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes, Gift cards can be used for ANYTHING

Krav Maga, Can I take just one class?

Yes, We have Krav Maga memberships and offer belts tests so that you can monitor your progression. OR you could just come in and take one class and pick up skills for that one class

There IS progression, but the class offers and the novices and the experts train together

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