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The Fields – A Film About Bouldering

The Boulderfields, also known as “The Fields” is a bouldering area located in south Kelowna, BC, Canada. “The Fields,” is also shares it’s name with a short documentary film that follows the story of local climber, Andy White. Although the area has been known as a sport rock climbing area for quite some time, it’s […]

Women Wednesdays: Bikini Boulderers Edition

Every wednesday we celebrate women in the world of rock climbing. Today we have the Bikini Boulderers and god bless their hearts because, well, they are climbing for a cure and we fully support them! “Girls… in bikinis… climbing for a cause. Rock on!” is their slogan and they are climbing for the advancement of […]

The Week In Rock Climbing Photos: Final Week Of April

Happy Friday! As we do every week at Vertical Rock, here are the week’s best climbing photos from around the interwebs. Come climb with us this weekend!