Beth Rodden Climbs Back

Happy Wednesday Everyone. Today we’re going to spotlight Beth Rodden. Who is Beth Rodden? She was the youngest ever female to climb a 5.14a at the age of 18, and is the only woman in the world to have red pointed a 5.14c. She also free climber the nose on El Cap around this time, so we’ll […]

The Fields – A Film About Bouldering

The Boulderfields, also known as “The Fields” is a bouldering area located in south Kelowna, BC, Canada. “The Fields,” is also shares it’s name with a short documentary film that follows the story of local climber, Andy White. Although the area has been known as a sport rock climbing area for quite some time, it’s […]

Good Climbing Tips For Beginners And Good Reminder For Current Climbers

Climbing Techniques are always important to have down. The most experienced climbers rely on technique more so than physical prowess or brute climbing force and will power. The video highlights some of the more important techniques and the ways we can implement them into our climbing routines. A good video for beginners and a good […]

Meet Fran Brown, Our Inspirational Para Climber Of The Day

Fran Brown is a British para climbing Champion. Following a spinal cord injury sustained on-the-job as a lighting engineer in London’s theatreland seven years ago, she is known as “an incomplete C4 tetraplegic.” Fran grew up with a love of climbing, and even after her fall, she has continued to  excel at the sport that […]

Oh, Wow, He’s really up there!

Want to #CLIMBWITHUS? Check out out member Paul LEAD CLIMBING our very own route, “FRUIT NINJA.” last week at the gym. Thing’s get a little shaky once he’s about 50 feet up, but he finishes strong! To get your video on the site. Send a link to DISCLAIMER: Lead climbing is inherently dangerous, always […]

INSANE Rock Climbing Video

This is a video of an incredible trad climb by Joe Möhle. Joe is an amazing rock climbing veteran. He completed the first Trad ascent of this old open project called “The Hole”, in Cape Town.

A day in the life of team Petzl in Spain

So we’re having out PETZL & Five10 Demo tomorrow, and we thought we’d share this little tidbit about “A day in the life” of the Petzl team in Spain. Although the video is absent of Jessa Goebel, it’s still interesting to see what can happen when you bring a few of the best rock climbers […]