Corporate Events


Looking to get a corporate group out of the office and interacting? Climbing requires communication, knowing how to perform under pressure, problem-solving and leadership skills.  This event will include a learn the ropes (our basic climbing skills) course to build trust and interaction and follow with your team climbing, communicating, and trusting each other.

The event does not require any climbing experience.

Feel free to email us at: for extra information on these events, special requests, or to setup something even more custom.

Group Event Packages includes:

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Essential Safety Gear
  • Instructors/belayers for the 2 hours
  • A 1 To 6 ratio of instructors to climbers
  • All Participants for this event must be 13+

Our Group Events have a minimum of $350. for up to 10 climbers.  Invite more climbers for $35 each. Make this selection during the online checkout process. Excludes Party room, but can be added if requested.

Note: All climbers are required to fill out our waiver. If you are the party host or organizer of this event please notify your guests (parents or legal guardians of minors) to click on the “Sign Our Waiver” link on the home page of our website and complete the waiver. Click here for the waiver link!

Cancellation Policies

We require a non-refundable $150 deposit at time of online reservation. You will be billed for at least the total number of climbers that were booked at the time of your online reservation on the day of your event unless you request a change of the number of climbers 4 days before your party.

  • Duration
  • Minimum Cost
  • Add. Climbers
  • Min. Age
  • 2 hrs
  • $350 (up to 10 climbers)
  • $35 each
  • 13
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