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Your Lock-in begins at 9:00pm and ends at 7am.

Lockins are available for Ages 7 and up:

13 and Older : The lock in will start off with a FREE Learn the Ropes intro course for participants 13 years or older. The Course will teach the participants all of the necessary safety in order to climb in the facilty and manage the ropes without the need for an instructor.

12 and Under: The lockin will start off with a 2 hour Group Event where the VR Staff will belay the group while they climb. Once the 2 hours is over, the participatnts are allowed to climb on the bouldering Wall or they can bring games, order pizza, etc for the rest of the evening. The Roped climbing will end for the evening once the Group Event portion is over.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Program: is available during the Lockin for an additional $60 Per Participant. (The Merit badge Program is normally $75 without the lockin) All Lockin participants do not have to take part in the Merit badge Program. Merit Badge Participants must be 12 years or older.

Once the Learn the Ropes class or the Group Event is over, a Vertical Rock Staff member will stay at the faciltiy the entire evening to assist with anything the group may need.

The group will need to provide 2 chaperones (over the age of 25) to every 25 children

Lock in Package:

Cost: $30 per climber; 25 person minimum

$100 Facility Fee

$850 minimum total

Lock-ins are available any day of the week!!

$150 Deposit is taken upon booking which is applied to the total on the day of the event.

*No Experience Needed*

Note: All climbers are required to fill out our waiver. If you are the party host or organizer of this event please notify your guests (parents or legal guardians of minors) to click on the “Sign Our Waiver” link on the home page of our website and complete the waiver. Click here for the waiver link!

  • Duration
  • Member Cost
  • Non Member
  • Min. Age
  • 2 hrs
  • Free!
  • $35
  • 13