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Krav Maga Academy A Success!

Thirty-Five of your neighbors participated in Krav Maga Seminars on May 17 and 18! (Click to see pictures). During these “sold out” seminars, participants learned basic techniques and strategies to protect themselves – using Krav Maga military combat techniques, calisthenics and realistic situational drills. Come train with us! We have designed a two-stage program to […]
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Vertical Rock Krav Maga Academy

We launched the sign-up for our new Krav Maga Academy this past week and the response has been phenomenal. (LINK) Krav Maga teaches you to: Address the immediate danger Counter-attack as quickly as possible Target attacks to the most vulnerable parts of the body Movements should be based on natural instincts Scenario based training that […]
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99 Problems & A Pitch Ain’t One

Happy Monday, You either went climbing this weekend, or you didn’t… 99 Excuses For Why You Didn’t Go Climbing This Weekend (Huck & Dyno) Banker Climbs To The Top Of Mountains (Chicaco Business) Following The Worst Disaster In It’s History, Sherpas End Everest Climbing Season (National Geographic) One week after the deadliest day ever on Mount Everest, the […]
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