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Rock Climbing: An Interactive Experience

This past weekend we had the opportunity to test out Kinect Sports Rivals game that features an interactive version of Rock Climbing using the Kinect on the Xbox One. Our expectations were.. in check, and let’s just say the experience ended up being a little more rewarding than we had guessed. Don’t get me wrong, […]

Blind climber manages unique ascent

In an astonishing show of bravery, a blind climber has scaled one of the most dangerous rock faces in the world. Steve Bate is 35 years old, and is now the first registered blind person to scale the legendary El Capitan monolith in California. Considered the most dangerous climb in the world by many experts, […]

6 Rock Climbing Commercials That Have Nothing To Do With Rock Climbing

Happy Friday Everyone! If you don’t already know, tonight is our headlamp and glow stick party! If you’re willing and able, come on by tonight for some night time climbing and shenanigans! In the interim, here are some Rock Climbing commercials that have absolutely nothing to do with Rock Climbing, but at least they are […]