Health Procedures

Operating Procedures

In order to safeguard everyone attending indoor or outdoor events,

New Waiver (Move Up)


Anyone with a temperature reading of 99.3 degrees or above will be unable to enter the facility.

Please make sure you do not enter the facility or attend any Vertical Rock facilities when you’re feeling sick. This includes any symptoms, such as cough, the sniffles, fatigue and, of course, fever.

Masks or face coverings are mandatory at all times in the Vertical Rock facility and/or whilst engaging in Vertical Rock activities

Please make sure to bring your own mask/face covering. You are required to wear it at all times in the Vertical Rock facilities, including the entrance area, changing rooms, in the gym and climbing the walls. This also goes for any outdoor events as well as bus rides that are organized by Vertical Rock.

Please keep a 6-foot distance from ANYONE in the facility, except for the people you live with.


You are required to sanitize all fitness equipment before and after use.

Make sure to thoroughly wipe down everything you touch in order to help us provide maximum safety to you, your fellow climbers and VR staff. These products are provided by VR, but they can be in short supply so please bring your own hand sanitizer, if possible.

Upon entering the gym, please wash your hands and use sanitizer before climbing or using ANY equipment in the facility

Please remember to wash your hands upon entering the gym and make it a habit to wash your hands regularly and use sanitizer.

Due to sanitary reasons, we do not allow the use of street shoes for climbing for the time being. Still... no climbing shoes in the bathrooms.

Please refrain from wearing street shoes in the VR facilities to ensure for the common areas to be as clean and hygienic as possible. Therefore, please also make sure not to wear your climbing shoes in the bathrooms.

The use of the cash register is temporarily suspended. Credit cards, gift cards, and account credit will be accepted. All receipts will be logged & e-mailed.

In order to minimize physical contact, we currently only accept payment via credit cards, gift cards, and account credit. You will, of course, receive your receipts – we will log them and email to you later.

The procedures above may be modified at any time to reflect the CDC’s guidelines.

We want to assure you we will be cleaning and sanitizing the gym and its surfaces daily. We also want to bring to your attention that we, unfortunately, will not be able to sanitize climbing routes and ropes as easily on a daily basis. Please take caution when handling the ropes and make sure to continue to wash and sanitize your hands before and after you switch out belays.

Most importantly, we feel it’s our moral responsibility to make sure we are able to do everything in our power to keep our members, guests, and employees as safe as possible when engaging in VR activities.

Please reach out to us directly if you feel that we need to add anything to help with this.

Let’s hope we can start removing these rules from the list soon. But until then, this is VR’s normal, and what it takes to operate in keeping up with our social responsibility.

Be well, and this shall eventually come to pass.

Getting started

Everything you need to know.

No Experience? This is how to get started...

First you can grab an Open Climb.  An Open Climb is where one of the VR belayers puts on your harness and belays you up the wall 3 times. Add an extra climb for $5 a climb and add on the Bouldering Cave and stay all day for an additional $7. We will tailor the climbs to your specific abilities.

Another way to get started is to come in for the Intro to Learn The Ropes Class where you will learn everything you need to know to get climbing and belaying in the facility. Once you take the Learn the Ropes intro class, you will come back 24 hours later for a quick belay test, grab a day pass and you’ll be on your way!

Can I climb without an instructor?

Once you take the Learn the Ropes intro class, you will come back 24 hours later for a quick belay test, grab a day pass and you will be on your way.

How can I find a partner?

The VR Community is made up of amazing people and staff who are excited to meet new people and climb together. A great option to get started is walk right up to someone and ask to share a belay or join the Meetup Group! The Meetup Group is FREE and meets every Monday and Wednesday from 6 -8pm.

What is belaying?

The belayer is the person that manages the ropes while the climber climbs.  This person keeps you safe on the wall using a belay device.  The Learn The Ropes Intro class will teach you how to properly belay your partner.

How much is it to get in?


What is bouldering? Do I need experience?


How much is it to get in?

Open Climb $20
      Extra Climb $5
      Bouldering All Day Add On $7
Day Pass $22
Military Day Pass $18
College Student Day Pass $18
7 Visit Punch Pass $129

Belayer Only day pass is Free for an adult who is 18 years or older with a child under age 12.

Harness $6
Shoes $6
Belay Device $3
Chalk Bag $2.50

What is bouldering? Do I need experience?

No experience necessary. You can boulder any day, any time. The VR Bouldering Wall and Cave is located in the back left side of the building.  The wall is 16ft high and we offer an arch with a top out. Bouldering is a form of climbing that does not require a rope or a harnesses.  Anyone 13 or under requires adult supervision.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone must sign a waiver to climb in the facility. Anyone under 18 must have a waiver filled out and signed by a parent or court appointed legal guardian.

Click here to sign our waiver

Belay Test Info?

In order to belay in the facility, you will need to pass a belay test. You must be 13 years or older and show that you can properly tie a figure eight following through as well as properly load the belay system and demonstrate proper belay technique.

Click here for more info

Age & Weight Limit

We say if you wanna climb, you can climb…If you can walk up the stairs, you can climb…Any age, any weight.

What do the numbers mean? (5.10, v5, etc.)

We use the Yosemite decimal system, class five climbs that require technique and hardware in case of a fall. Our range usually goes from 5.4-5.14, beginner to expert. The higher the number after the decimals, the harder the climb.

Do I need to be a member to climb?

Nope! Grab a Day Pass or a 7-visit Punch Pass.

What amazing stuff do I get with a membership?

Membership gives you a massive community of climbers, free Learn the Ropes intro class, meet-up groups, full access to the climbing walls, fitness equipment, free yoga, free rock ready, free kickboxing, 2 free day passes per quarter, 10% Off at our Gear Shop and much more!


/ every 4 months


/ No commitment


/ Month


/ Month

Join Promos
Full Access
Learn The Ropes Intro
FREE ($35 Savings)
Fitness Equipment
Rock Ready Strength
Training Class
Yoga Class
10% Off Gear Shop
Member Class Discounts
2 Guest Passes per Quarter
12 Month Commitment


Everything you need to know.

What is the minimum age to climb?

Any and all ages are welcomed. Bring your child in and have them try an Open Climb. We also offer toddler classes!

What should I wear?


Are rental shoes required?

Yes and No. Usually you are welcome to wear your own tennis shoes, but we do recommend renting climbing shoes. Climbing shoes will allow for you to stick on the wall much easier and provide you with a much better climbing experience. However, for the time being, we kindly ask you not to wear street shoes for climbing.

How long do open climbs last?

This depends on the climber, each Open climb is tailored to an individuals skill level, we’ll work with you and challenge you.

Do I need my own climbing equipment?

No. VR offers rental harnesses and rental shoes.

How do I know if my class or youth program is canceled?

If Prince William County Schools are closed due to Inclement Weather or a Holiday, VR Youth Teams will be canceled. Payments will be pushed forward to accommodate for the missing day.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, Gift cards can be used for ANYTHING.

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