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Learn The Ropes Intro Course

Learn The Ropes

Get Belay Certified

Interested in learning the skills and techniques needed to pass a belay certification test and climb on your own? Vertical Rock’s Learn the Ropes class is 2 hours of top-notch instruction designed to get you climbing independently of gym staff. Let one of our experienced instructors welcome you into the world of rock climbing and give you a solid head start by teaching you the fundamentals of top-rope rock climbing, as well as how to “tie-in” as a climber and belay safely for your partner.

These skills are the foundation of knowledge required for any future climbing pursuits. In addition to first-rate personal coaching and instruction, you will finish up the class with a period of closely supervised hands-on practice where you will have multiple opportunities to climb and belay for a partner. With instructor approval you will be permitted to continue honing the skills you’ve learned for the remainder of the day so you can confidently pass our top-rope belay test during your next visit. Sign up and “Learn the Ropes” today!

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  • 2 Hrs
  • 13+
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