Re-opening Procedures

Re-opening Procedures

We feel it’s our moral responsibility to do everything in our power to keep our members, guests, and staff as safe as possible when engaging in VR activities.

Let’s hope we can start removing these rules from the list soon. But until then, this is VR’s normal, and what it takes to operate in keeping up with our social responsibility. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or if feel that we need to add anything to help with this.

Be well, and this shall eventually come to pass.

Everyone must sign a New Waiver

Please take a moment to sign our new waiver.

ALL members and guests are required to sign this waiver in order to participate in VR activities. Minors under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Anyone with a temperature reading of 100.3 degrees or above will be unable to enter the facility.

Please make sure you do not enter the facility or attend any Vertical Rock facilities when you’re feeling sick. This includes any symptoms, such as cough, the sniffles, fatigue and, of course, fever.

Masks or face coverings are mandatory at all times in the Vertical Rock facility and/or whilst engaging in Vertical Rock activities

Please make sure to bring your own mask/face covering. You are required to wear it at all times in the Vertical Rock facilities, including the entrance area, changing rooms, in the gym and climbing the walls. This also goes for any outdoor events as well as bus rides that are organized by Vertical Rock.

Please keep a 6-foot distance from ANYONE in the facility, except for the people you live with.

We will have to observe several safety policies for your health and well-being, which is why we kindly ask for your cooperation and commitment in regards to these distance measures.

You are required to sanitize all fitness equipment before and after use.

Make sure to thoroughly wipe down everything you touch in order to help us provide maximum safety to you, your fellow climbers and VR staff. These products are provided by VR, but they can be in short supply so please bring your own hand sanitizer, if possible. 

We want to assure you we will be cleaning and sanitizing the gym and its surfaces daily. We also want to bring to your attention that we, unfortunately, will not be able to sanitize climbing routes and ropes as easily on a daily basis. Please take caution when handling the ropes and make sure to continue to wash and sanitize your hands before and after you switch out belays.

Upon entering the gym, please wash your hands and use sanitizer before climbing or using ANY equipment in the facility

Please remember to wash your hands upon entering the gym and make it a habit to wash your hands regularly and use sanitizer.

Due to sanitary reasons, we do not allow the use of street shoes for climbing for the time being. Still... no climbing shoes in the bathrooms.

Please refrain from wearing street shoes in the VR facilities to ensure for the common areas to be as clean and hygienic as possible. Therefore, please also make sure not to wear your climbing shoes in the bathrooms.

The use of the cash register is temporarily suspended. Credit cards, gift cards, and account credit will be accepted. All receipts will be logged & e-mailed.

In order to minimize physical contact, we currently only accept payment via credit cards, gift cards, and account credit. You will, of course, receive your receipts – we will log them and email to you later.

When will my membership be billed?

All memberships will be billed starting July 1. If you enter the gym before July 1, your June membership will be pro-rated with the additional days.

The procedures above may be modified at any time to reflect the CDC’s guidelines.

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