The Difference Between Fitness Center vs. Gym

The Difference Between Fitness Center vs. Gym

Modern gyms are more than just free weights, kettlebells, and pull-up bars. Today, fitness centers have become increasingly equipped with the latest and greatest tools to help you achieve your desired workout.

So, what is the difference between a fitness center and a gym? The short answer is that fitness centers are more of a one-stop shop. From rock climbing to yoga to various targeted fitness classes to help you build strength and the equipment needed, full-service fitness centers provide everything you need to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Why Should Climbers Consider a Rock Climbing Fitness Center Over a Basic Rock Gym?

Choosing a rock climbing fitness center membership translates to more well-rounded training sessions. Most climbers know that climbing is about more than pulling up the wall and building upper body strength. Climbing is a total-body workout involving most of the muscle groups in the body. That is why it is such a great activity to help build fitness, whether you are training seriously for big wall objectives on real rock outdoors or just looking to build a gym rat routine and climb for fun with your friends and family in an indoor setting.

While a basic rock gym provides a space for folks to get experience on the wall and learn the basics of climbing movement and safety, a fitness center provides added amenities. When you do the math, you will save money by bundling your activities under one roof rather than maintaining more than one fitness membership. A membership to a yoga studio can cost over $100 a month and provide a single service. And if you are specifically looking for yoga for climbers, a place like Orange Theory may offer something different from what you want.

More Options, More Well-Rounded Workouts

Rock climbing fitness centers can offer various classes, from targeted core workouts to stretching for climbers through tailored yoga to strength conditioning through Pilates, and more. Some climbing fitness centers also offer unique classes—Vertical Rock Climbing and Fitness even offers an introduction to slacklining!

You can achieve more for less with a full-service gym complete with a workout area and fitness equipment. Climbing Fitness centers like Vertical Rock Climbing in Tysons Corner, Virginia, provide climbers with the tools they need to ascend harder, including a kilter board, free weights, cardio equipment, and more. 

Targeted Workouts and Climbing Sessions Under the Same Roof

Another excellent feature of a climbing fitness facility is the auto-belay (Vertical Rock has 10 available for use!). Auto-belay set-ups are perfect for families and solo climbers alike. They allow you to climb safely on your own and can be a challenge since they lower you to the ground if you come off the climb. Parents can hook their kids up to an auto-belay (or vice versa) and give one another a catch on the wall. They are great for the odd-numbered climbing trios and solo climbers alike. 

Conversely, climbing with friends, family, and significant others can be a wonderful way to build communication between partners. While climbing goals can be a solo venture, they also heavily depend on the support we receive from our partners and the community. Climbing is often about working together and building trust. These are net positives for most relationships.

Climbing is a Great Activity for Everyone

Rock climbing is a fun activity for all ages. Children think climbing is fun, but so do adults of all ages. Wall climbing is a great activity for aging adults (bouldering can be hard on the body). Whether you and your spouse are looking for a way to get into shape during the winter months, you are looking for a great active date night idea, or trying to get your family more active, rock climbing fitness centers like Vertical Rock have much to offer.

Local to Northern Virginia and the Great Manassas and Tysons Corner area? Vertical Rock hosts regular Meet Up group events, provides instruction for youth teams, and facilitates outdoor instruction and outings when the weather permits. Stop into one of our facilities and learn more about what Vertical Rock offers.