What is Competition Rock Climbing?

competition rock climbing

Ok, so i’ve been Rock climbing for about 8 years now, and I must admit that the world of competition climbing has escaped me. Not through disinterest or expostulation but sheerly, through lack of knowledge of schedules, events and the general scoring and world rankings. Now at the gym, we have lots of this information present and available, so I’ve decided to begin to layout what I think this whole competition climbing thing is about.

What is competition climbing?

So we’ve got several types of climbing competitions here, pretty straight forward as this matches a lot of the skills that you can use indoor wall climbing, outdoor bouldering or outdoor lead climbing.

Lead Climbing

So Lead Climbing Competition or Competition Rock Climbing is pretty much what it sounds like. I mean, i’m watching the video and it looks like lead climbing, right? There is at least one overhang that must be certified by the IFSC (we’ll get to them later)