Northern, VA Adult Fitness Classes at Vertical Rock

fitness classes and fitness center in northern va

With the summer season right around the corner, many of us are coming off a rainy spring season, completely ready for that beach and pool weather. A great way to get ready for your swimsuit is to start thinking about increasing your fitness a bit and doing adult fitness classes.

If you are local to the Northern Virginia/DC area, you may want to consider joining Vertical Rock and Fitness for not only the fitness classes provided at the gym but the other amenities as well. Bundling activities under the same roof turns the gym into a one-stop shop.

Why Sign Up for Adult Fitness Classes at Vertical Rock?

Vertical Rock is equipped with a full fitness center and provides fitness classes instructed by qualified professionals. The bonus is that you will have full access to not only these classes and the free weights and machines but also the rock climbing walls. 

The gym has two locations in Northern Virginia—Manassas and Tysons Corner—and membership bundles provide access to both the bouldering-specific gym and our more prominent roped climbing location. With all the perks and convenience, you will also be paying less.

A Dedicated Fitness Center Wrapped in a Rock Gym

Vertical Rock offers a host of fitness classes in a dedicated space within our gym. Why? Because fitness is essential. These classes are targeted to help members and attendees promote their own wellness.

Our expert instructors focus on things like flexibility and building strength, as well as increasing endurance and overall stamina. Are you interested in yoga? This gym has got you covered. We offer yoga classes suitable for folks of all experience levels. Are you a Pilates lover? We have that, too, so come sculpt core tension, build flexibility, and see what our instructors have to offer.

Are You Interested in Trying Slacklining?

Aside from rock climbing, Vertical Rock also offers something that regular gyms usually do not: slacklining instruction and an area to practice this skill with a proper set up and supervision.

Slacklining is an exciting pastime. But did you know that there are a host of fitness benefits? From injury prevention to building balance, core and quadricep strength to joint stability, believe it or not, slacklining can make you a stronger athlete. It can also help people develop more focus and attention and even be meditative! Do you want to learn more about the fitness classes offered through Vertical Rock Climbing and Fitness? Visit our website to learn more, or drop by one of our gym locations to see what we are all about.