Northern, VA Climbing Summer Camps

northern va summer camps

Spring has sprung and the summer season is right around the corner here in Northern Virginia. For parents, that means the kids will be out of school for summer break soon and you might be brainstorming ways to get them active outside of the house.

Summer camps encourage more variety in your child’s activities than poolside get-togethers and video game binging sessions. They’re a great way to learn and promote new activities and allow your children to make new friends, have new experiences, and encourage old and new hobbies.

Northern Virginia Summer Camps

From traditional overnight summer camps with lake activities and the stereotypical camp counselors you see in movies to sports-oriented camps and art camps, there’s a summer camp for every niche interest.

If you want to introduce a new activity to your children this summer, consider a summer camp for rock climbing. Just like Taekwondo, rock climbing is an Olympic sport—and similarly, regardless of whether they go on to compete competitively or adopt a new recreational pastime, it’s a great way to achieve physical activity while providing an exciting boost of confidence for children.                                      

It seems like everyone and their brother has caught the climbing bug these days. Maybe because the only thing climbing is a gateway drug for is more climbing. The fact is that climbing is fun. If you want to get your son or daughter fired up about getting off the couch this summer, climbing might be the answer.

Rock climbing is a total-body activity. Most people assume that climbing only requires upper body strength, and while having good upper body strength does not hurt, well-rounded climbers and the pros know that climbing is 90% legs and core. Another great quality of the sport is that while it can be competitive if you decide you want to enter the climbing comp world, it can also be an individual sport.

Why Learning from Experienced Climbers is a Good Move for Younger and Beginner Climbers

Learning from experienced climbers will build good (aka safe) foundations. An expert climber will teach your children to be safe on and off the wall. They can also help them develop proper technique (like keeping their hips pulled into the wall to maximize success and techniques like heel hooking and locking off). 

They may also talk about how to evaluate risk and other safe practices. Having a mentor as a burgeoning climber can be invaluable. Learning about the ethics, gear, and everything else climbing-related (including the terminology—its own foreign language in and of itself) is highly beneficial. 

Vertical Rock Climbing in Manassas and Tysons Corner, Virginia

Are you interested in signing your children up for a summer climbing camp experience? Climbing can build self-confidence, physical fitness, and a positive community for impressionable youth. Vertical Rock Climbing is offering a summer climbing camp for kids at our Manassas and Tysons locations.

We understand that for parents, running children to and from summer camp can be exhausting. Basecamp Coffee Roasters is located downstairs at our Tysons corner location – stay and enjoy a coffee break while your kids are climbing at camp! Contact us today for more information on our summer climbing camps or drop by the gym to speak with our knowledgeable staff.